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Our 2024 calendar is up and ready for your reservations. Thinking about traveling for spring/summer? Make your reservations early!

  • FULL: Memorial Day Weekend (May 24 – May 27)
  • CLOSED: May 28 to May 30th at  5PM. Open for drop-offs May 30th after 5PM.
  • We are open Thursday – Monday, 7AM – 7PM . Tuesday & Wednesday by appointment.
  • Starting June, we are open 7 days a week 7:00AM – 7:00PM.
  • As always, please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding availability.

    MTK Farm Kennels ~ 26038 Duck Lake Road East, Harrington, WA 99134
    (425) 344-4317 ~ dawn@mtkfarmkennels.com ~ www.facebook.com/mtkfarmkennels

    About Us

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    Welcome to MTK Farm Kennels

    We are Eric and Dawn Hanson. We moved to Harrington in 2018. MTK Farm is our home. MTK Farm Kennels is our home business. The facility is just 100 yards from our house. MTK represents our original rescue doggos we moved to the farm with. Moose, Tank & Koda. We love our dogs and we will love having our dogs out here on the farm. 

    In all the years we have owned our rescue dogs, we have never boarded them. It wasn’t that we had anything against using kennels – we just didn’t like the standard model for our dogs. The sharing of walls, the group play/activities, and sometimes the noise. It was more stressful for both us and the dogs. We worried about them the whole time we were away and they were always needing to detox once we got home. Perhaps it was because they were shelter/resuce dogs and they didn’t do well back in that situation or our dogs are just big babies – but whatever the reason we always wanted a more individual/separate option. So instead of looking for it we just decided to build it. If you build it, they will come, right? We here at MTK Farm Kennels hope you will!

    A Unique Place For Dogs

    Located eight miles outside of Harrington and eighteen miles from Odessa & Davenport, we are a long way from the city. The farm is a unique little piece of heaven. It is a park like setting – an island in the middle of working dry wheat farms. The property features a turn of the century farm house, a pond, acres of CRP with nature trails, and dog boarding cabins! If you want to experience farm country, come visit us for a tour. If you want your dogs to experience that farm first hand, make a reservation



    Open the accordions below for info

    We offer climate controlled (Heat/AC) enclosed dog areas with access through a doggie door that takes your dog out onto their own fenced & covered deck. If requested or during inclement weather, dog doors will be open first thing in the AM and closed up in the PM for safety.

    The interior area has access – through a doggie door, that takes your dog out onto their own fenced & covered deck. Dog doors will remain open overnight unless requested by owner, or during inclement weather. Dogs also receive time outside the cabins and  will enjoy individual stretch & play time in our fully six foot fenced areas.

    Individual dog “play” sessions are included throughout the day along with their “potty” breaks. While outside the cabins, the dogs will be supervised in our fenced areas. Our general policy is to allow dogs to have this play time alone or with their “dog family.” Group play sessions can be arranged by dog parents wanting social play time with other dogs.

    If your dog requires medication, we are more than happy to administer it while they are here on the farm

    We are able to provide all bedding, toys, & feeding if you choose. We would prefer you pack their regular dog food for consistency, but we have dog food available for a small fee. You are also welcome to bring all of their own bedding/stuffies/toys that we will gladly switch into their dog cabin.

    For those dogs who need an extra energy release, we will offer a longer daily walk outside of the kennel area. If you chose this option, your dog will receive an individual leashed walk around our one mile nature trail. There is a small fee for this option. See packages below.

    We live on the property so the owners are on-site 24/7 when your dogs are at the farm. This allows us greater flexibility for drop off and pickup. Let us know what your needs are. We are pretty patient and do have a commitment to flexible pickup… That said, if you want to be here much before or after our normal hours… Fees may apply. Not something we cherish doing, but we do need to set some limits.

    • More than a little before/after – $20
    • Middle of the daggone night – $75

    Air Conditioned



    Private Decks

    Social Media

    Nearly completed kennel

    Private Cabins

    Our guests stay in their own private cabins. Cabins have heat & AC as well as a fully fenced covered deck. Throughout the day the dogs are free to go in & out to their deck through the XXL dog door. At night,  dogs can be kept inside the interior space for warmth during adverse weather. A siberian husky and a chihuahua each have different needs, so we can accommodate as necessary.

    Each dog is taken out to the fully fenced areas several times a day.

    Our model does not include communal outdoor time or group play with the other residents. They will all be able to see each other from their private decks, but for safety and health reasons, we strive to be a one-on-one facility for your dog. If you bring your own pack to stay at the farm, your own family dogs are more than welcome to interact and will have opportunities for group play.

    Escape To Tranquility

    MTK Farm Kennels is unique in it’s space. There are miles of working farmland all around us and we are an island in the middle of it – no neighbors and far off the main road. The privacy and the tranquility of the farm are unparalleled. Before you take your pups home, make sure to enjoy a nice walk on our trail system. We are sure you and your doggos will love it!


    $ 40 / Night

    Basic Stay

    Includes climate controlled cabin and private outdoor deck as well as several play/potty breaks during the day in fenced areas. Includes giving medicine if needed, bedding, & toys. Feel free to bring your own to make your dog as comfortable as possible while they are here if you desire.             

    VALUE: Additional dogs from the same dog family can stay in the same cabin for $20 dollars each. Max four small dogs, three large dogs, two extra large dogs.

    $ 45/ Night

    Farm Hand

    Basic stay but with more opportunity to exercise and experience the farm up close and personal! Includes daily short walks on the property trail system.  Includes one or two daily walks a day totaling about one half mile. Dog walks always on leash!

    VALUE: Additional dogs from the same dog family can stay in the same cabin for $25 dollars each and receive the same walks! Max dogs per cabin still applies.

    $ 50 / Day

    Farm Boss

    The Farm Boss raises the Farm Hand with even more opportunity to exercise and take in the sights, sounds and smells of the farm! Includes the short walks plus a one mile walk around the property on our trail system. Offered as an individual walk and always on a leash.

    VALUE: Additional dogs from the same dog family can stay in the same cabin for $30 dollars each and receive the same walks! Max dogs per cabin still applies.

    $25/ Up to 8 hours


    Need just a few hours? Going to play golf? If you have to tee time, a trip to the big city, or if you have appointments that will keep you away from home longer than you are comfortable leaving your pups – call us! We are happy to provide daycare.

    VALUE: Additional dogs from the same dog family can stay in the same cabin for $20 dollars each. Max four small dogs, three large dogs, two extra large dogs

    Message Us

    Ask About Booking

    We are a small owner operated facility. This is intentional. We want to give the best possible care to the dogs we board here at the farm. We are not currently taking cats, but plan to in the future. If you have a vacation coming up, book early!